Dr. Leos Kral

Molecular Genetics

Room 145A Biology Building

  • Ph.D. in Genetics and Zoology from Michigan State University
  • B.S. in Biology from York College of the City University of New York
Research Interests
  • Conservation genetics of fish species that are endemic to the Tallapoosa watershed in western Georgia. Specifically, the genetic structure of the Tallappoosa darter (Etheostoma tallapoosae) and the Tallapoosa shiner (Cyprinella gibbsi) populations.
  • Evolution of centromeric protein A (CENP-A) in darters.
  • Utilization of whole genome sequences to explore adaptive variation among Tallapoosa darter populations and closely related darter species.
Web Sites
Courses Taught
  • BIOL 2107 Principles of Biology I
  • BIOL 3134 Molecular Cell Biology
  • BIOL 3621 Genetics
  • BIOL 4266 Molecular Ecology
  • BIOL 4666 Evolutionary Genomics
Selected Publications
  • Brogdon, S.M., Tabit, C.R., Kral, L.G. (2003) Population structure of the Tallapoosa darter (Etheostoma tallaposae). Southeastern Naturalist 2(4): 487-498. (PDF)
  • Connelly, H.M., Tabit, C.R., Kral, L.G. (2006) Population structure of the Tallapoosa shiner (Cyprinella gibbsi) and the Tallapoosa darter (Etheostoma tallaposae). Southeastern Naturalist 5(1):85-92. (PDF)
  • Kral, L.G. (2010) Multiple Nuclear Gene Analysis of the Divergence between Populations of the Tallapoosa Darter, Etheostoma tallapoosae. Southeastern Naturalist 9(2):373-384. (PDF)
  • Fountain D.M., Kral L.G. (2011) Isolation and Characterization of the Etheostoma tallapoosae (Teleostei: Percidae) CENP-A Gene. Genes. 2(4): 829-840. (PDF)
  • Harriet N. Abbey and Leos Kral (2015) Adaptive Evolution of CENP-A in Percid Fishes. Genes 6(3), 662–671. (PDF)
  • Kral L. (2015) Possible identification of CENP-C in fish and the presence of the CENP-C motif in M18BP1 of vertebrates. F1000Research, 4:474 (doi: 10.12688/f1000research.6823.1) (PDF)