Distinguished Program in Teacher Education

This award has been established to recognize and honor outstanding teacher education programs which exemplify joint participation by local education agencies and higher education institutions in program development and administration.

Award Criteria:
  • Program has been cooperatively developed and administered by institutions of higher education and local educational agencies.
  • Goals are clearly stated and directed at the establishment of identifiable teacher behaviors.
  • Program has an evaluation protocol which is appropriate, operational and directly related to its goal.
  • Data are provided to demonstrate that after program implementation, goals are achieved.
  • Principles on which the program is based are theoretically sound and are adaptable by other teacher education programs.

Nomination Packet Format:

  • 8 1/2 × 11 -inch pages, maximum of 30 pages
  • Cover page with name of program and institutional participants and contact person with address, phone number and email
  • Two-page overview of the program
  • 15-20 pages describing the program
  • 5-10 pages of evaluation data
  • Electronic submission or hard copy is acceptable

Deadline for receipt of nominations:  August 15, 2018

Mail or email all nominations to:

Dr. Janet Strickland, University of West Georgia

160 Forest Hall Place

Fayetteville, Georgia  30214


Award Winners:

2018:  not awarded

2017:  Early Childhood Education, University of West Georgia

2016:  Early Childhood Education, Columbus State University

2015:  The Doctor of Education with a major in School Improvement Program, University of West Georgia

2014:  not awarded

2013:  The ESOL Endorsement Program in Middle and Secondary Education, Georgia State University

2012:  The Bachelor of Science Program in Early childhood Education and Early Childhood Education with ESOL, Dalton State College


2010:  not awarded

2009:  not awarded

2008:  not awarded

2007:  The Master of Arts in Teaching Program, Emory University; and the TEEMS English Education Master of Arts in Teaching Program, Georgia State University

2006:  The Initial Preparation Program of Berry College and the Charter School of Education and Human Sciences

2005:  not awarded