Distinguished Clinician in Teacher Education

This award has been established to honor school-based teacher educators who work in a clinical environment which enables them to become better at what they do.  Three corresponding divisions of the award have been established. An award may be given annually in each division.

Award Criteria:
  • Member of ATE and GATE State Affiliate (three-year minimum) or
  • Service to ATE and GATEState Affiliate or
  • Nominated by GATE member
  • Primary employer is a school district.  Functions in dual roles of classroom teacher and supervisor of preservice teachers (Division I); or functions in dual roles of classroom teacher and mentor of other teachers; or, school district employee whose primary role is staff development/in-service teacher education.
  • Demonstrates roles as a clinician through the following:
    • Assists teachers in applying the content of the pedagogy of effective teaching
    • Emphasizes reflective teaching and self analysis
    • Employs exemplary coaching /conference techniques
    • Demonstrates other outstanding supervisory traits

Nomination Packet Must Include:

  • Cover page to include nominee’s name, telephone number and e-mail address, name and address of employing school, job title with description of position and explanation of duties, dates of employment; name and contact information of person nominating and his/her position in State Affiliate if applicable.
  • Professional resume of nominee which includes a chronological listing of educational experiences, previous positions, and professional activities.
  • Letters from supervisors, peers, students, and professional colleagues to support nomination (no more than three).
  • Other documentation that demonstrates or confirms outstanding performance or meritorious service as a teacher educator, for example: newspaper articles, award certificates, other commendations, invitations to present, expression of appreciation, program materials developed by the nominee.

Deadline for receipt of nominations:  August 15, 2018

Mail or email all nominations to:

Dr. Janet Strickland, University of West Georgia

160 Forest Hall Place

Fayetteville, Georgia  30214


Award Winners:

2018:  not awarded

2017:  Stephanie Burnham, Dewar Elementary School, Lowndes County

2016:  Ellen Flynn, South Jackson Elementary School, Jackson County

2015:  Jan S. Witherington, Bethlehem Elementary School

2014:  not awarded

2013:  not awarded

2012:  Rachel Wilkinson Parr, Kings Bridge Road Middle School


2010:  Joseph Lamar Revenell, Barnett Shoals Elementary School

2009:  not awarded

2008:  Cassandra Matthews, Nesbit Elementary School

2007:  Heather Bilton, Savannah-Chatham County School System

2006:  not awarded

2005:  Maggie Paon, Mountain View Elementary School