Presentation Files

Note: This page is updated as presentation materials are received. A complete list of keynote  and session presentations can be found in the conference program.

2014 Keynote Presentations

 Presentations are listed in alphabetical order by speaker.

Dr. George W. Stickel, Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor                                         GA Professional Standards Commission, Educator Preparation and Policy

presentation link:  Things You May Want to Know about Educator Preparation in Georgia

2014 Session Presentations

Sessions are listed in alphabetical order by title.

Getting a Foot in the Door: Helping Education Students “Kick It” During Interviews

The college involved in this study has programs for teacher candidates and educational leadership candidates. Each semester, the two groups meet to participate in a hiring simulation, when aspiring leaders interview aspiring teachers. Preliminary results of anecdotal evidence have been collected and are reviewed for this presentation.

Presenters: Dr. Robyn Huss, Dr. Christie Johnson, and Dr. Judy Butler, University of West Georgia

presentation link:  Getting a Foot in the Door: Helping Education Students “Kick It” During Interviews

Initiating a Successful Co-Teaching Relationship

Co-teaching teams must be highly effective in order to produce the greatest gains in student achievement, student self-efficacy, and student participation. Strong and professional relationships are the basis for creating highly effective co-teaching teams, and these relationships are built on communication, flexibility, and shared responsibility.

Presenter: Donna Cherveny, Brenau University

presentation link:  Initiating a Successful Co-Teaching Relationship